Why Stinky's

Roasted with care and precision, Stinky's Coffee Co. aims to share our journey through coffee with the world one cup at a time. Beyond roasting delicious coffee, our mission is to make thoughtful, impactful, and responsible business choices. These ethical choices help to improve the quality of life of our coffee producers and reduce our environmental impact on the planet.

Meet the Roaster

Hi! I'm Ryan McNaughton, owner and head roaster of Stinky's Coffee Co. I started the company in 2022 after years of research and considering where I fit into the world of coffee. Having no prior coffee roasting experience, full on industry immersion made the most sense. Any spare time I had was devoted to roasting, going to trade shows and expos, and learning from the experts and roasters that came before me. As the only member of the company, I have approached this all with a very punk rock/DIY attitude. But make no mistake, this company has been formed by help of many hands. So grab your favorite mug, fill it up and hold it high! This ones for you and everyone who's supported me along the way! Cheers, you little stinkers!


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